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Kenai Spur Highway Rehabilitation Project construction has been divided into two phases. 

Phase 1 of the project has designed the entire 5-lane section to approximately 75%, completed an environmental document, and advanced half of the project to construction. The first phase of the project will construct from approximately Eagle Rock Drive to Swires Road in Kenai. Construction will begin in late spring 2018 and be complete by October 1, 2019. 

Phase 2 will begin at Sports Lake Road and tie into Phase 1 at Eagle Rock Drive. This phase will require some minor Right Of Way purchases with negotiations scheduled to begin in spring of 2018. Construction for Phase 2 is scheduled to begin in late spring 2020 and continue until fall of 2021. 

Both phases will use a combination of State and Federal funding


The Kenai Spur Rehabilitation Project is currently in its 30% design phase. DOT&PF engineers are currently working to bring the five-lane concept to a 75% design level. Once the 75% design is finalized, the DOT&PF will evaluate construction phasing options to make use of the available $20 million in funding (Phase 1) and make plans for future improvements should additional funding be allocated (Phase 2). If required, right-of-way will be secured; construction could take up to two construction seasons.