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Phase 1 Federal Project No. 0221(018) | Phase 2 Federal Project No. CFHWY00253 | Phase 2 Federal Project No. 0221(019)


Welcome to the website for the Kenai Spur Highway Rehabilitation Project: Sports Lake Road to Swires Road.

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) plans to rehabilitate and improve the safety of the 5.7-mile segment of the Kenai Spur Highway located between Soldotna and Kenai, Alaska.

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The Kenai Spur Highway serves as a critical link between the communities of Kenai and Soldotna. Situated between two five-lane segments, a 5.7-mile segment of the highway from MP 2.4 to 8.1 bottlenecks to two lanes. This part of the roadway has higher crash rates than the statewide average, and also has the second-highest rate of moose collisions in Alaska, so safety improvements are needed. The project is a priority for both the Kenai Peninsula Borough and the State of Alaska.  The project is funded with a combination of state and federal funding.

For this rehabilitation project, the five-lane highway design includes two 12-foot through-lanes in each direction and a continuous 14-foot, two-way left-turn lane (TWLTL). These project improvements will match the section of Kenai Spur Highway from S. Forest Drive to Swires Road and carry the design through Sports Lake Road.  The additional through-lanes will provide safe passing opportunities, reduce traffic platooning, and ease associated driver frustration. The continuous TWLTL is anticipated to provide greater separation for opposing traffic, thereby reducing the risk of head-on collisions. It will also remove vehicles waiting for left-turn opportunities from through-lanes, lowering the risk of rear-end collisions.

Phase 1 – Eagle Rock Drive to Swires Road

Phase 1 was bid in March 2018 and awarded to Wolverine Supply, Inc., in the amount of $12,870,000. Completion is anticipated for mid-summer 2021. A notice to proceed has been issued, and construction is underway. The Construction Project Manager is Alan Drake; he can be reached at 907-269-0450.

Phase 2 – Sports Lake Road to Eagle Rock Drive

Right-of-way purchases are complete.

In July/August 2020, the contractor will clear all trees, shrubs, and brush within the highway right-of-way and within some utility easements along the road. Looking forward, advance utility relocations will begin in 2021, and highway reconstruction will begin in 2022.

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